First of all, that's great! I'm excited that you're here! If I knew your name I would shout it out like the guys at Starbucks use to do it. So, it's always a little bit weird talking about ourselves for a long time (if you are not having a therapy session), it's sounds like a monologue or narcissistic artist speaking. But if I'm here to introduce myself, let's do it.

                 I’m currently Executive Creative Director at Ogilvy Brazil. Before that, I've worked at Leo Burnett, Lew'Lara/TBWA, and DM9DDB. Back to the past, in 2007, I won my first lions at Cannes Festival. In 2008, I was selected to be part of Young Lions group from Brazil, after going through a hard selective process competing against hundreds of young professionals. In 2009, I gave my help for DM9DDB to win the Agency Of The Year at Cannes Festival.
                 In 2010, I joined Cemusa Award, which is a national billboard competition. It's was a tough task,  because only ex Young Lions could participate on this competition. I was competing against very talented and smart guys. At the end, my idea was selected and I got a trip to and the registration for Cannes Lions Festival. It was an amazing experience, and a very nice opportunity to learn more about it. In 2011, I participated on another award called "Central de Outdoor". The challenge was to creat a billboard to help find missing kids. My work was the winner and I went to Cannes Lions once again as a reward. As you can see, I am a lucky guy.In 2012, I embraced the DM9DDB South start up project. I was one of the responsibles for the creative quality of the agency for 2 years. At that time, we won a lot of awards around the world and got some big clients for the agency such as Netshoes, which is the biggest sport e-commerce worldwide.

             In 2014, I became the 8th most awarded Copywriter in the world on Lürzers Archive magazine rank. In the same yearI went to NYC to have a sabatic time and to study more about screenwriting. It was an important time to open my mind. When I realized that it was enough, I have returned to Brazil to join the Ogilvy team, which in 2015 was among the 3 most awarded agencies in the world at Cannes Festival. By the way, talking a little bit more about taking courses, it's a kind of learning that I always looking for. In 2019, I took a Process Design and Facilitation at Hyper Island Stockhom. Another amazing experience.

                In more than 23 years of work, I've been awarded in national and international festivals, accumulating 15 lions at the Cannes Festival. But the most important thing is that I've had the opportunity to work with amazing teams and for different businesses. Among them, Nestlé, IBM, Allianz, Philips, Ambev, Olympikus, Netshoes, Fender, Citibank, Amex, Pfizer, just to name a few. I'm also a professor at the school of creative Cuca, since 2010. I've been giving lectures about creative process and creative copy. It's been a pleasure to be part of it and feed my students up with what I've learned until now. They don’t know, but in fact, I believe I learn much more with them than they learn with me.

                Wow! You are still here... Thank you so much for your time and if you’d like to exchange ideas, let’s get in touch: Thanks again. See ya! Peace.