"The qualities of Marcio go beyond being talented professional, he is one of the most correct person that I've ever worked with. To describe a person like this, I need use a Ídiche word"Mensch", which means: correct. But I believe that I am should say something professional about him. He is so talented and with an ascending carrear and, today victorious, which was already known for his duos like the one with a big future. I am lucky to always to have a creatives like him in my team."                         

 Jaques Lewkowicz, Creative Chairman at Lew’Lara/TBWA Brazil

"Working together with Márcio on the repositioning of a such well consolidated brand on the market as NESCAU (Nestlé brand) was a privilege. He is such a dedicated and committed person with all the projects and willing to enchant the consumers through creativity. We built up a business partnership and a friendship. This way, we could discuss, disagree, and fight for the best for the brand. Having Marcio as part of the team made total difference. I am proud of everything that we have done, each detail and his affection with the brand. Thanks for all, Marcinho."                                                  

Monica Lopes, Marketing Director Nestlé

"I consider myself a lucky guy since I’ve had the opportunity to work with Márcio Fritzen at Ogilvy Brazil. My former duo, Mr. Fritzen, it’s an extraordinary, both creative copywriter and creative director, who proved to be unique for every advertising agency and clients that he has worked with. In every new work, Márcio not only shows an exceptional talent with conceptualizing campaigns and building creative strategies from start to finish, but also shows an extraordinary and rare skill on team management. His fingerprints, commitment and good mood are everywhere in the creative process, and that’s what makes Márcio so unique."

Silvio Medeiros, Creative Director at Lew'Lara/TBWA Brazil

"Have you seen the scene from Rocky Balboa movie when he is trying to explain to his son what life is about? “It ain’t about how hard you hit: It’s about how hard you can get hit, and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done.” Marcio personifies it. He is the kind of guy capable of having an amazing ideas, work hard on them, fight for them, even everything goes wrong. It is also capable of waking up earlier in the next day and to start over again, and do it better. "Bloody eyes but having a fair play", just to make an analogy with soccer wich is a sport he loves it. The opportunity to work with Fritzen was an inspiration and a privilege."

Marco Aurelio Schmingel Bezerra, Executive Creative Director at JWT Dubai

"Márcio Fritzen is a seamless creative director. We had the opportunity to work together two times. One in DM9DDB from 2005 to 2011 as writers. The other time in 2015, we worked together at Ogilvy Brazil. It's inspiring how passionate and focused Marcio is about the work and his goals. He is a true team player and is great with teams, special younger teams, with he takes care and fosters theirs careers very close. I think Marcio is a great acquisition to any agency in the world."

Aricio Fortes, Chief Creative Officer at DM9DDB Brazil

"I’ve had the pleasure to work with Marcio for almost 3 years at Ogilvy in Brazil. And I can safely say: he is a PRO. In every assignment, every client presentation, or every feedback session, Marcio gives everything. Together we won a ton of awards, pitches and spent a few late nights working and it was a blast. I could not recommend Marcio highly enough, but if you need me to, please give me a call and I’ll gladly try."                                       

Claudio Lima, Chief Creative Officer at Cheil Brazil